Tuesday, 28 January 2020

GALLERY: Teaching Books by Steve Zirkler

Duets contain chords where possible, student part
and partner part from near-beginner level reading. 
One of a series of 3 books aimed at the non-reader to present broad ideas
through pictures, charts and tabs. From near-beginner to advancing.
A book full of banjo tunes with lyrics in score, with tab and chords.
A book full of ukulele tunes with lyrics in score, with tab and chords.
The sort of overview for keyboard that I wish I had read when I first started.
Chords and basic reading as well as understanding
some of the useful features of keyboards.

A book of tunes to play in tab & score with accompaniment chords.
 Handy charts help get the best out of this much
more versatile instrument than most people think.
A book full of mandolin tunes with lyrics in score, tab and chords.

Some handy reference charts and tab paper.
Recorder tunes with accompaniment chords so music
making in large groups is more doable.
An achievement check-list for each tune.
Scripts and ideas to put music in your show.

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