Wednesday 24 October 2012


Professional Gold Coast Music  Live/Tuition & Celebrant Services
A picture paints a thousand words, so why am I writing?

Blogs have a nasty reputation from people who have a lot of nothing to say but say it anyway.
I'll make my best attempt not to do that.

I'm a musician/teacher/wedding celebrant/odd jobs person but one thing I can't stop doing is music.
I'm sharing work samples and articles.
If you want to hire me, please get in touch.
I do quite a bit of music for a living, usually doing what someone else wants me to do.
Gotta pay the bills: cover songs, lessons, run a school music class, an occasional small production
or helping someone by writing out a musical score.
Songwriting is a hobby I've been at for many years, but not in a public space.
I'd like to make this a part of my job too.
My songs are varied. I've had comments that I have no style.
If you expect a musician, any musician to keep repeating the same thing well, yes I have no style.
Variety has always and probably will always be my thing.

Perhaps I also might connect with some like-minded people, help others in a musical journey and have fun completing musical things that I started years back as a kid and never stopped doing.

dream on   dream big